Jan 242019
Singapore Public Holidays 2020, School Holidays

Singapore Public Holidays 2020 and 2020 Singapore School Holidays are listed below. Singapore Festivals in 2020 and special Singapore celebrations are also listed below.       Singapore Public Holidays 2020 (National Holidays) These are the Singapore Public Holidays 2020. SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 2020 SINGAPORE HOLIDAYS DESCRIPTION OF SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS New Year’s Day 1 January 2020 (Wednesday) First Day of the New Year Chinese […….Read The Entire Article……]

Dec 142018
Singapore Public Holidays 2019, School Holidays

Listed below are Singapore Public Holidays 2019 and 2019 Singapore School Holidays. There is also a list of Singapore festivals and special days celebrated in Singapore.           Singapore Public Holidays 2019 These 11 days are gazette Singapore Public Holidays 2019. SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 2019 SINGAPORE HOLIDAY DATE 2019 DESCRIPTION OF SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 2019 New Year’s Day 1 January 2019 (Tuesday) […….Read The Entire Article……]

Jul 012016
Singapore Public Holidays In 2017 And 2018

Listed below are the Singapore Public Holidays and Singapore School Holidays in 2017 and 2018. Also listed are major Singapore Festival dates and Singapore Holidays.       Singapore Public Holidays in 2017 and 2018 The following 11 days are gazette Singapore public holidays. SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 2017 SINGAPORE HOLIDAYS 2018 SINGAPORE HOLIDAYS DESCRIPTION OF SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS New Year’s Day 1 January 2017 (Sunday) […….Read The Entire Article……]

Dec 032015
Top 10 Things To Do In Singapore For Families And Kids

Singapore offers a large variety of sightseeing attractions and fun things to do for children and families. Listed below are some of Singapore’s best activities and places of interest for kids and families.         Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safari LOCATION: 80 Mandai Lake Road COST: Expensive Singapore Zoo is a large open enclosure zoo with 2,800 animals. Children enjoy the animal […….Read The Entire Article……]

Jul 282015
List of Public and School Holidays in Singapore in 2016

Holidays and Festivals in Singapore, in 2016 The following 11 days in 2016 have been declared as official gazetted public holidays in Singapore.       SINGAPORE HOLIDAY HOLIDAY DATE DAY REASON FOR PUBLIC HOLIDAY IN SINGAPORE New Year’s Day 1 January, 2016 Friday First day of the Gregorian New Year. Chinese New Year 8 February, 2016 Monday Start of Chinese New Year (also known […….Read The Entire Article……]

Jun 262015
Top 10 Best Gardens, Parks And Reserves In Singapore

Listed below are the best and most famous gardens, parks and nature reserves in Singapore. Singapore has 4 Nature Reserve, 59 Regional Parks, 271 Neighbourhood Parks and 63 Park Connectors.   Singapore Botanic Gardens LOCATION: Holland Road and Napier Road (South), Cluny Road (East), Tyersall Avenue (West), Bukit Timah Road (North) Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of Singapore’s most popular gardens. Spread over 74 hectare, […….Read The Entire Article……]

Dec 152014
Top 10 Best And Famous Buddhist Temples In Singapore

Buddhist Temples in Singapore Around 34% of Singaporeans above the age of 15 are Buddhist. Buddhism is mainly followed by Singapore’s ethnic Chinese population. Around 35% of Singapore’s ethnic Chinese are Buddhist. Mahayana Buddhism is the most popular branch/school of Buddhism in Singapore, followed by Theravada Buddhism. Vesak Day, also known as Buddha Purnima, is an important Buddhist festival celebrated in Singapore and it is […….Read The Entire Article……]

Dec 022014
Top 10 Best And Most Famous Churches in Singapore

Best Churches in Singapore Singapore has many beautiful Churches belonging to Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Methodist faiths. 18.3% of Singapore’s population are followers of Christianity. One third of Singapore’s Christians are Catholics. There are 31 Roman Catholic parishes in Singapore. Christianity came to Singapore with the founding of Singapore as a British Colony by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. As per the 2010 […….Read The Entire Article……]

Oct 292014
Top 10 Best And Most Famous Mosques in Singapore

Best Mosques (“Masjid”) in Singapore Singapore’s best and most famous Mosques (“Masjids”) are listed below. The architecture of Singapore’s Mosques is influenced by Islamic Saracenic (mix of Turkish, Persian, Middle Eastern, Classical and Moorish designs), Indian, Malay and Modern styles of architecture. All Mosques/Masjids in Singapore are administered by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), also known as Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. Singapore has a […….Read The Entire Article……]

Sep 152014
List of Public and School Holidays in Singapore in 2015

Holidays in Singapore, in 2015 This is a list of Official Public Gazette Holidays in Singapore in 2015.         HOLIDAY DATE DAY SINGAPORE PUBLIC HOLIDAY REASON FOR PUBLIC HOLIDAY IN SINGAPORE 1 January, 2015 Thursday New Year’s Day First day of the Gregorian New Year 19 February, 2015 Thursday Chinese New Year Start of the Chinese New Year, which is also called […….Read The Entire Article……]